Tweaking and testing new features and enhancements

We are currently in the final testing and tweaking phase for the following new features and enhancements:

  • Closest Five
  • Massive improvements to Follow Me
  • Full screen StreetView
  • New Google Maps widget set

Watch this space for a launch announcement and more details about what these new features mean…


What we are working on right now…

Testing, tweaking and improving

Just a short note to let you know that we’re currently working on improvements and additions to the navigation functionality for smart phones and tablets. More options and better integration are on their way.

We’re getting close so watch this space in the next week or so for a launch announcement.

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What we’re working on right now…

We’ve got a big ‘behind the scenes’ update almost ready for release and wanted to share with you a bit about what it will include.

We’ve re-worked a lot of how some of the internals work and added some new framework systems that will allow us to launch some brand new features, some enhancements to existing features and also some things we’ve had in the pipeline for a very long time.

Once the new new version goes live (watch this space and our Twitter feed for the announcement) the following will be available immediately:

  • Help videos – the first of our tutorial videos will go live, with more to come in the future.
  • ‘Spread The Word’ page – links and other resources to enable you to help spread the word about
  • ‘Lightboxing’ – the above new features make use of a ‘lightbox’ overlay which improves the general site experience. We’ve also moved most (all?) of the old JavaScript alert windows into the lightbox to make navigating the site smoother.
  • Right-click menu – this one has been on the cards for a long while… it gives you an even easier way to navigate the map and especially to add new parking locations!
  • Direct linking – again, this has been on the cards for a long while and forms the framework for some upcoming features. Direct linking enables you to share links to a specific location on either by location id or GPS coordinates. There will be a detailed announcement about this feature after launch as it will be especially useful to businesses and venues.

We’re very excited about launching the above, but the work that has gone into making these small additions really does make it much easier for us to add a whole host of future enhancements that we have in mind.

A couple of the medium to long term plans we have are:

  • SatNav syncing rather than just downloads.
  • Mini-map linking for your website or blog.
  • Expanding the direct linking API.

Please bear in mind, though, that while some work has already started on these we have no idea of timescales for when they might be ready.

Feel free to let us know what you think we should be considering for the future…