August Update

Well, August is almost over and we’ve been testing the latest updates for a few weeks now…

Loading background

The loading tiles screen

When the web application is first loading, or is loading map files for a new area, a ’tiles loading’ animation is down in the background so that you can see what is going on. Not only is it informative, it looks much nicer than the old full grey map background 🙂

User setting / preferences / localisation

Up to now has displayed everything in terms of metres and kilometres.

No more.

By clicking the ‘settings’ cog in the top right of the screen you can now choose imperial (miles) based units.

The settings screen

Cookie control

In the last update we gave you the option to accept or refuse cookies. With the August update we give you even more control – in the settings screen you can choose to delete and disable cookies if you have accepted them in the past.

More spaces

Over the last month a lot of new disabled / handicap parking spaces have been added to the map. It looks like France has had a lot of attention, but that’s not the only place.

If you’ve been meaning to add spaces that you know of that we’re missing, had over to now – it only takes a couple of minutes to add a space.

Android app users

Users of our Android app will automatically see these updates without having to update the app as they are pushed via the web app.


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