July Updates

We’ve been busy for the last few months working on a few new features and some backend changes.

New Features

  • Add new space at Latitude & Longitude
  • Tips & announcements


  • ‘Add at My Location’ now adds at your most up to date position available (previously it used your last position fix)


  • European Cookie Law compliance

This last item probably needs some explanation.

As BlueBadgeParking.com is a global resource it falls under the requirements of the European Cookie Law. This law requires websites to seek permission for any Cookies that the site uses and to explain what Cookies are used.

Cookies are small text files that a website is allowed to store on your computer so that it can remember things about you.

BlueBadgeParking.com uses cookies to remember which announcements & tips you have already seen. In the future we will also use cookies to remember your preferences for units (miles or kilometres etc), map type (road of satellite) and to enable other new features we have planned (remembering where you have parked, for example).

Cookies also enable things like the expanding and collapsing if the left menu (by remembering was is expanded and what is collapsed) and also allows us to use AddThis which enables a lot of our advanced sharing functions for when you want to email a link or share it on social media.

Finally, like many many websites, we use Google Analytics which tells us how BlueBadgeParking.com is being used. This in turn enables us to work on the features our users find most useful. Google Analytics will, therefore, also store cookies in order to tells us how you use our site.

Note that if you only use BlueBadgeParking.com via our Android app you won’t be asked to accept cookies as installation of the app implies acceptance.


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