Calling all writers

Are you a blogger, journalist or writer for a website or magazine? We need your help…

We are looking for writers to help spread the word about and we’ve put together a resource to make it easier for you.

As we have said many times before, we are entirely self funded and entirely free to use so we rely on the good will of our users to get the word out about the site. The more people that know about the site, the faster the database grows and the more useful it becomes for disabled drivers around the world.

If you write for a magazine – print or online – or if you write a travel blog – whether primarily aimed at disabled travelers or not – then YOU can really help us at the same time as informing your readers about a valuable and growing, free, online resource.

We’ve just published our ‘biography‘ – the history of – which explains how and why the website was created. We’ve also added a media library of screenshots and photos that will allow you to illustrate any story you write.

There is also a pdf one-sheet which contains the same information formatted and ready for presenting to an editor if you want to give them a heads-up about what you are writing about. is an international database, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can help get the word out. And of course we’re more than happy to answer any other questions you might have that are not covered in the biography and that will set your article apart from the rest.

And we don’t care how small your readership is… you may have a small and dedicated following of just the kind of people who will benefit from knowing about


One thought on “Calling all writers

  1. Last week a Police Car drove into the Taxi Area outside Wimbledon Train Station, entering via a no entry entrance and blocked off the two Disabled Parking Spaces with their vehicle, as I was trying to use one of the spaces by using the correct entrance way to this area. The two officers, escorted another person into the Station whilst shouting out at the Taxi Drivers that they’d only be a couple of minutes. I has sufficient time to get out of my car, get my wheelchair out and set it up, all before the Police Officers had returned. When the Police Officers finally showed up, I challenged them by telling them that it was very helpful of them to block off the two Disabled Parking Spaces, one officer said “Sorry Sir” to me and the other totally ignored me and told me to “Get Lost” when I started taking photographs of the Police Car parked across the two Disabled Parking Spaces. To date I have not had any response from Wimbledon Police Station or Scotland Yard to my emails of complaint.


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