It’s Live! – Our biggest feature update ever…

We have just applied the biggest feature update to since we launched…

The new features include:

  • Help videos – the first of our tutorial videos, with more to come in the future.
  • ‘Spread The Word’ page – links and other resources to enable you to help spread the word about
  • ‘Lightboxing’ – the above new features make use of a ‘lightbox’ overlay which improves the general site experience. We’ve also moved the old JavaScript alert windows into the lightbox to make navigating the site smoother.
  • Right-click menu – quicker and easier ways to navigate the map and add new parking locations when working on a PC. (With more options than we previewed a couple of weeks ago!)
  • Direct linking – this enables you to share links to a specific location on either by location id, current map view or GPS coordinates. Just click the share options in the right-click menu or the location information windows (the little share icon in the bottom right) to open up the sharing page with around 300 different ways to share!
  • Active address bar – your browser’s address bar now tracks the map view, so if you copy the URL and share it by email etc the link will link to your current map view.
  • Web-API – tools for website owners, editors and developers. This is what makes direct linking possible, and the Web-API will be extended in the future to bring new tools for developers.

There have also been some general improvements to the consistency of the look and feel of the site – go take a look and let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter (@BlueBadgePark).


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